This isn’t really that finished. I need to define the figure more, but I’m quite happy with it. I feel like it’s an improvement over my previous one although there are some obvious mistakes. I think the anatomy is better as well as the face. I’m just happy I’m making gradual improvements. I didn’t really spend as much time on this one.

This was done on the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition with the Artflow app

I was in the mood to draw and started off with a random silhouette and it ended up as Ryuko from Kill La Kill. There’s still a lot of things I’d change as I had a bit of problems with the face and I’d also change the values a bit more. However, for a sketch where everything for the most part was by imagination, I’m pretty happy.

This was done on my Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 tablet with the app Artflow.

Edit: I did a very, very quick overlay of colour. It’s extremely rough, but I just wanted to see what it would look like.

I’ve been doing an online class with the Skillshare site and these are some of the processes I’ve been going through. I’ve literally just been drawing some thumbnails and refining the few that stood out to me. I’ve been doing this process on my tablet so far, I may transfer to Photoshop on my laptop when doing a proper render. So far it’s just been nice to be able to draw where ever I want.

The first proper painting I’m doing on my new-ish Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 tablet. This is of my Guild Wars 2 character that’s an Asura ranger. The reference I’m using is extremely low quality to the point where it’s completely pixelated so it has been quite a bit of a task. I still haven’t finished simply because there’s some white spaces and I want to take this into another app to work on this further. I want to do some blending and add more texture and details. So far I am pretty proud of myself for persevering. 

I've followed you cause I was pleasantly surprised at someone liking my post. I only have 3 followers so it's cool that my posts can perhaps reach random people

Hah it’s fine. I can relate to it. That’s why :)

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Your drawings all this ? wow are too good jeje I never taken the time to see your drawings (: keep going you doing well. PD: and sorry for my english.. is little weak but i try to lear jeje

hah thank you! It’s really motivating to see people enjoy my work :)

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I was searching for exactly that kind of review and your post just conveniently appeared on my dashboard, so thank you! I have a question though. I use my Note 10.1 2012 for note-taking on a daily basis at the university, so S Note is very important to me. Could you elaborate on that app specifically? Did you notice any missing/enhanced functionality? Changes to the interface? Are shape and formula match the same? Feel free to comment on whatever you feel matters to the everyday user. Cheers! :)

I apologise, I didn’t know I received a message. I think with the S Note, what is disappointing is that the eraser seems to delete parts as if they’re vectors, rather than like an actual eraser where you have more precision on what you’re erasing. I guess to make it clearer, it pretty much just deletes the last stroke you made. I haven’t explored the shape and formula match in all honesty but many people have been disappointed with that feature as well. I think people believe this version of S Note is more simplified in comparison to the 2012 tablet. I personally think it is fine for normal note taking but there are other apps that you might want to consider like Lecture Notes or Papyrus. I apologise that I’m unable to explain about S Note in detail. I would say if you can find a display model, at least try and compare the features of S Note and decide for yourself. Personally, I have turned to using a bluetooth keyboard mostly paired with Jotterpad X just because of the clean and simplistic UI of the app. I’ve also found that the lag is only with OfficeSuite and not other apps after testing. Sorry if I wasn’t much help, but I use my tablet for a different purpose and I guess only you will be able to decide what is best for you when you get first hand experience. I would say, don’t let a display model change your mind. They tend to be much more laggy and unresponsive than a tablet fresh out of the box. I hope I at least helped you a tiny bit.

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Upgrading From the Galaxy Note 10.1 2012 Model to the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Model

The reason I have decided to write this is because there weren’t many reviews from a person who already owned the previous Galaxy Note 10.1 and would like to upgrade. In the end I had to make my own decision and decided to upgrade anyway, not knowing if it was worth the investment or not.
I’d like to mention that when I initially considered getting the first Galaxy Note 10.1 model (2012 edition) I was torn between that or the Nexus 10. Although I wanted to use my tablet for productive reasons, I also wanted it for entertainment. At the time the Nexus 10 was the only tablet to have a higher PPI than the iPad which is fantastic for reading and watching movies. Unfortunately the Galaxy Note 10.1 2012 edition had a lower PPI that wasn’t even full HD. In the end, I decided that productivity was far more important than watching or reading on a screen with a higher resolution. The S pen far outweighed any cons due to the extra dimension it added to the tablet. Since then, I have never regreted that decision and have used the tablet for sketching, note taking and for casual consumption like social networks and watching videos. I even found the screen wasn’t as terrible as I thought as it offered a better resolution than my 17” laptop so content seemed much clearer than I was use to. Furthermore, my Galaxy Note 10.1 2012 edition began to serve as a replacement for my laptop when I was away from home. It doesn’t completely replace a PC or laptop, but I found the difference in weight when carrying either of the two to be like night and day. So a year later, if I was so happy with my Galaxy Note 10.1 2012 edition, why did I upgrade?
To be honest, my reasons will seem minor to some. Even though I was satisfied with the 2012 edition’s screen, I still wanted one that displayed full HD and I was happy to find that Samsung had made the change. It is actually thanks to the 2012 edition that I even wanted to upgrade. I began to use my tablet more than I had initially planned for media consumption and it was beginning to be used more as a laptop replacement when away from home. I wanted a better screen for watching films or tutorials, as well as for viewing textbooks and magazines with images. Another aspect that I considered was that the double of PPI would potentially affect the canvas when drawing. Obviously when zooming into a drawing on the 2012 edition, it would begin to show pixelation and I wondered if this new tablet would combat that issue better. I figured that this would mean the 2014 edition could handle larger file sizes better when drawing. I still have yet to test this properly but it seems even layerpaint has created a new version of their app for higher resolution. I will try to update this once I have had enough time to experience this aspect better.
Another area I found difficult to research was whether the S pen and the Wacom technology had improved between models. It’s true that the S pen is now thinner and much more pencil like but does the actual usage differ? Before I begin, I’ve heard people have issue with S note because they feel it is a downgrade. The one major problem for me is that the brush tool is more of a highlighter now. However, I don’t primarily use S note for drawing. On Sketchbook Pro, strokes seem smoother and I believe the resolution has made a difference as the strokes look more defined rather than slightly blurred. So far I also haven’t experienced any lag when writing or sketching, but I need to put this through a more intensive test where I work on a piece for at least 30 minutes to an hour. I would say outside of drawing I have noticed slight lag now and again and ocassional force quit of apps. Whether this is the app themselves or the tablet, I’m not sure. Some people may find the performance unacceptable for a tablet of this price but for me the specs weren’t as important as I found my previous tablet quite reasonable anyway. I don’t find optimising to the absolute speed this tablet can handle is a priority for me, and therefore have not really explored rooting or freezing bloatware although it is an option out there. I mainly focus on saving battery and therefore for that reason have turned off animations in developer’s options and use Juice Defender as I want this tablet to last as long as possible before charging. For mainly that reason would I ever really consider rooting. I can say so far that the battery life is reasonable. I can go a day at least on heavy consumption. When it has been asleep for at least 12 hours, it has only dropped in battery by 2-3%. People may be weary of the fact it uses the micro usb port now like most phones and I have heard complaints of slow charging. I can’t say I have come across this since I tend to put my tablet to charge before bed.
The flaws I would like to point out is that for one, with the latest model, you will no longer have Photoshop Touch as a preinstalled software. For some, they may not even care as some protest that it is a poor app for drawing anyway as it is primarily focused on photo editing. However, I would have liked to have been able to have been presented the option. It seems being a previous owner of the 2012 model doesn’t entitle me to carry over Photoshop Touch to the 2014 model. This does come preinstalled with Sketchbook Pro which is superior, but it is a little bit irritating as I had already purchased the app anyway. It didn’t seem like a benefit for myself. Another irritation I do have is that I’ve kept the bluetooth keyboard that I used for the Galaxy Note 10.1 2012 edition, but I find that the lag is much more delayed. I have read that there is problems with the current OS and bluetooth keyboards. According to some owners of the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition, I’m lucky that my keyboard even works. This might be something you might want to consider before purchasing as it does limit productivity. However, so far I have written this entire review on my Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 with a bluetooth keyboard so it is possible. I do believe that there are bluetooth keyboards that aren’t having this problem so I’d suggest doing some research first. Finally, the latest Android updates have made it more difficult to use Flash. I found on the 2012 edition, I could side load Flash and use the stock browser, but now the stock browser on the 2014 edition is incapable. I’ve tested different browsers and so far I highly recommend Firefox as it runs the smoothest at displaying Flash videos.
In conclusion, would I suggest upgrading from the Galaxy Note 10.1 2012 to the 2014 model? If screen resolution is important to you, then yes. Definitely. However, I’m not sure if it’s enough of a giant leap to spend on another tablet. There will be a few sacrifices that you have to make, not entirely to do with Samsung, but also as a result of the Android OS updates. The reason why I’m not sure whether to recommend is because the Galaxy Note 10.1 2012 was already so good anyway and the pricing may be off putting. However, at this particular time the 16gb Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 is only £369 at John Lewis in the UK. I feel this is quite reasonable considering the 2012 model is generally priced at £350, although I’m sure you could find it for less on some sites. Bearing in mind I also sold my 2012 model so it didn’t hurt me too much financially. I know I have missed out on a lot of basic points like the the camera or new software but it’s quite easy to find these in reviews. I will possibly update more once I’ve had this tablet for longer. I hope this has been helpful.